HAGMAN Prototype are effective in the process of resolving clients problems in obtaining data for production, changes between yearly models or new features, even if this takes too long in the clients own setup.








Prototyping Express



P5060041a1Our specialty is our process for rapid delivery of models and products. When you are short of time, the Hagman concept is the solution.


P5060040aWith prototyping delivery time are usually the critical issue. We have short lead times and high quality delivery performance. Prototypes are produced in most product areas, but we consentrate in components for the automotive, appliance, mobile phone and leisure industries as well as varying industries requiring prototypes in product development, new innovations and inventions.








Molds & tools


Vacuum Forming Tools

IMG3267aVacuum forming, injection molding, etc. Our manufacturing plastic forming tools range from model plugs to complete tools, which we manufacture in all materials.


We manufacture vacuum forming tools in block aluminum, cast aluminum and prototyping tools in block material. We can also deliver the tools fitted with cooling ducts and drilled suction holes.











HAGMAN Prototype has for many years supplied fixtures for the automotive, mechanical engineering and plastics industries. Some of the range of fixtures we manufacture are measuring fixtures, control fixtures, drilling jigs, assembly jigs and glue fixtures.


From actual CAD models, CAD models made from drawings or by scanning the detail we produce the required documents. The tooling is then constructed from the resulting CAD model.











DSC0031aWhile most of our design models have been made for the automotive industry, we have also constantly delivered to other industries via innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs from both development and engineering departments.


MatningTo ensure the quality of our products, we check and verify dimensions in our measuring machines and document results before delivery. We also measure products for our clients. Our measurement programs can, in addition to geometric measurements, include surface measurement against the CAD model as well as the form and position.

























HAGMAN Prototype and Production was established in 1992 in western Sweden's Trollhättan automotive area, working with the modeling, prototyping, tooling and production in small runs.


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