HAGMAN Prototype is always available and reside in Trollhättan in western Sweden. With good transport links, we are no farther away than a few keystrokes by phone or email.


About HAGMAN Prototyp

HAGMAN prototype have two business devisions. We manufacture prototypes for a variety of industries as well as production for small series and runs.

In short, we have the ability to both develop, adapt and produce advanced parts that meet very different needs. It can range from, for example, a new type of car seat, a plastic part or a model of a combustor gas turbine.

We have unique collective industry experience and high-tech machines that guarantee high quality products, all the way from design to delivery.



HAGMAN Prototyp AB
Stallbackavägen 26
461 38 Trollhättan

+46 520 - 490 990
info @hagmanprototyp.se






Operation Manager


Kenneth Hagman
+46 520 - 490 991






Production Manager


Sofie Hedröd
+46 520 - 490 998






Finance & Adminstration


Elisabeth Hagman
+46 520 - 490 993








Toni Hoof
+46 520 - 490 997



















HAGMAN Prototype and Production was established in 1992 in western Sweden's Trollhättan automotive area, working with the modeling, prototyping, tooling and production in small runs.


HAGMAN Prototyp AB
Stallbackavägen 26
SE-461 38 Trollhättan
+46 520 490 990








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